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Various Gears and Pulleys


EGM has the capabilities of producing a variety of different gears and puleys for a variety of applications, such as; spur, helical, internal, external, worm, bevel, sprocket and spline gears & shafts, as well as timing belt pulleys. 


EGM can hob and shape gears up to 24 inches in diameter and shafts up to 80 inches in length.


EGM also provides gear teeth cutting services for those customers who prefer to supply their own machined gear blanks. 

Reverse Enginering

If drawings are not available, EGM's drafting department will precisely draft up dimensions and generate programs in order to manufacture reproductions of the supplied parts.


Through the use of EGM's inspection equipment and it's knowledgable staff, you can supply distorted or damaged parts to be reverse engineered and reproduced. 


Custom Fabrication and Machining


With the use of today's latest manufacturing technology, EGM can essentially produce any product imaginable. With the help of the experienced staff and management, any draft or prototype can be machined out of any material necessary to meet customers' expectations and needs.


EGM has experince in the fabrication of machinery used in commercial, food & beverage, and industrial applications.

Low and High Volume Manufacturing


EGM specializes in low volume, high quality and high precision machining. However, high volume work is also a capability and is something that is done at the facility without sacrificing on quality precision of work.


EGM also excels in working with customers who only need a single item to be drafted and manufactured with a quick turnaround time.






Inspection and Quality Control


EGM prides itself in being a process focused manufacturing facility, producing the highest quality machine parts possible. Through the use of advanced inspection technology, such as Coordinate Measuring Machines, Surface & Hardness Testers, Gear Testers, and Comparators, EGM can guarantee the highest quality with every job.


Inspection reports are available upon request.

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